Cipher Drive: Moving Forward

Allen Webster
4 years, 7 months ago
So the team decided to take a break from the project for the month of October. We were instead jamming on one of our favorite games from the past "The Most Undead". It has definitely been a lot of fun, but we should discuss real quick why we took a break.

It looks like right now the Cipher Drive project has hit a bit of a problem. The programming team was always a little behind the hoped schedule and by the time October came around the art team had lost a lot of enthusiasm for the project. Right now it is unclear how long it will be before we can produce the game in the originally intended scope and style.

The game jam was intended to give everyone a break from not knowing how we were going to do Cipher Drive. Now that the break is over we've come to a decision on what to do with the game. Right now the programming team will keep moving forward until they've built the rest of the engine they first set out to build. Then we will retire this project until we see a satisfying way for us to finish it.
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