Cipher Drive Returns

Allen Webster
4 years, 5 months ago
Today I brought Cipher Drive back to the internet with my first episode of the new year now available here.

In this week's episode I started working on unifying what I have to admit was just a catastrophically bad setup for my asset system. It is a good lesson in the fact that, even if you are going to go back and make something "real" later, that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan somewhat carefully what you're doing now to make sure that transition will be... you know... possible.

Anyway, all I want out of this post is to let everyone know that Cipher Drive programming is back. For those who haven't caught much or any Cipher Drive programming, for me the project is about trying some wacky game programming ideas. The first big one I am working on is setting up a system for editing the game and assets from within the game.

Bye bye for now everyone.

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